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“This is a pattern we’ve seen with many viral infections of the respiratory tract — men can have worse outcomes,” said Sabra Klein, a scientist who studies sex differences in viral infections and vaccination responses at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

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Depending on the host cell protease available, cleavage and activation allows the virus to enter the host cell by endocytosis or direct fusion of the viral envelop with the host membrane.[50] Genome translation

It is also possible that bats transmitted the virus to an intermediate animal, such as pangolins, which are consumed as a delicacy in parts of China, and may have then passed on the virus to humans.

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There is a diagnostic test that can determine if you are infected. It was developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, based on genetic information about the virus provided by the Chinese authorities.

Clarence Tam, an assistant professor of infectious diseases at the School of Public Health at the National University of Singapore, said the surge of cases in multiple countries was “concerning because we know the transmissions are spreading at a fast rate.”

Ainda qual este lfoixico brasileiro seja este mesmo de que este do português europeu, existe uma sfoirie por regionalismos qual podem gerar confusãeste e desentendimentos entre os falantes DE duas variantes.

Тропические постоянно влажные вечнозелёные леса юго-восточного атлантического побережья.

“We’ve learned some things of this new virus for the past couple of weeks that make it seem unlikely that containment will be a strategy that will completely stop this virus,” he added.

Political risk is again emerging as a major source of market instability in Brazil, as a series of setbacks for President Jair Bolsonaro sucks the life out of a broad-based recovery that had appeared to be gathering momentum following March's market crash.

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